Tooth Colored Fillings

(Correct Decay)

Tooth-colored fillings, also known as composite and white fillings, are composed of silica, fine glass particles, and plastic. Many parents are probably aware of the traditional materials used to treat cavities, such as “silver” amalgam fillings. While this option has the strength to withstand the heavy forces generated during chewing as well as the durability to maintain its integrity over time, we understand that you want your child’s developing smile to look natural over time. Dr. Ezeanolue treats teeth in need with only high-quality, tooth-colored composite material (a combination of plastics and other non-metal materials). Our office is an amalgam free one and we offer only esthetic tooth-colored fillings. Please contact our office for more information on white fillings.

The Filling Process

The procedure for a filling is not difficult. Dr. Ezeanolue will usually start with local anesthesia to numb the area near the restoration site. She will then clear the area of decay-causing bacteria. She will be able to fill the space with the white putty-like material once the decay has been removed. The composite is shaped and polished after being hardened with a precise blue UV light. The end result is a filling that looks so much like a natural tooth that most people won’t even notice it’s there! Furthermore, it is all completed in a single appointment.